Cute Stuff for my Cute Stuff

Here you can find a compilation of cute things and resources to find cute things in case I'm not being the nicest of people and you need something to cheer you up. Or if I fall asleep or something and forget to send you your cute lil aminal or something. Or you just miss me and want to see me again. Any occasion really, just enjoy it

Background Track

Give it a listen, I'm sure you remember what it is.

Although they're mostly cats on here, there are also some other cute things you may enjoy.

Baby Aminals

Just in case I forget, steal one from here.

Our Slideshow Take 1

This is the works of none other than you, if I remember correctly.

Our Slideshow Take 2

This one I take credit for.

Our Slideshow Take 3

You surprised me this one here, and reliving all the amazing memories we've made together just took my breath away.

Me Making an Ass of Myself!

Pics by Matchmaker Mo

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Facebook Messages

Messages from Sunday, September 21th to Monday, August 17th for your viewing pleasure. The beauty of copy pasta.