Your organization made it very easy for me to keep track of how many times I've told you how amazing and wonderful you truly are.

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Secret 1: I like avatar the last Airbender

Secret 2: I have no shame in that

Secret 3: I think you're really cool to trust me with those stories and for exposing your life to me like that

Secret 4: I think you're cool in general

Secret 5: I'm more excited for this Saturday more than all the Saturdays in the last two months combined

Secret 6: I play an endless game of "Ask me literally anything and I will answer completely honestly"; my life is the most open book ever

Secret 7: there are no secrets

Truth 8: I like you

Truth 9: I really like you

Truth 10: when I say you're a good friend, you're everything I aspire to be to other people. I want to learn to make people laugh on cue and cheer them up when they're sad. I'm still working on that.

Truth 11: I'm sleep deprived because of late night conversations with you, but I'm not inclined to care because it's worth it

Truth 12: I like your hair

Truth 13: your views on PDA constantly confuse me. I want nothing more than to kiss you goodbye at the end of the day

Truth 14: I find the fact that you can balance five different friend groups absolutely remarkable, and I'm glad you can fit me in there too

Truth 14: I'm very tired

Truth 16:I'm so tired I misnumbered that last one

Truth 17: there's nothing that gets me through the day more than a snapchat from you

Truth 18: alright I'm out of truths for the time being. I'm gonna go to sleep too. Goodnight beautiful

Truth 19: when I say beautiful, I am addressing the fact that you are indeed beautiful both inside and outside. Reminder that I cannot lie as this is a truth in itself. Okay goodnight

Well you laugh at my jokes, and when you do that you have a really contagious laugh, and when you laugh you smile, and you have a beautiful smile. And you smile with your eyes which are the perfect shade of greenish blue, and then you'll say something back to me. And when you speak it's always intelligently, and your words have a purpose. And generally this purpose is to make others feel better. Not just me but everyone. Your words and your presence make everyone's day just that much better. Especially when it's not a particularly good one. For example when a hypothetical person was up until 130 am doing college apps, nothing makes this hypothetical person happier than you tapping them on the shoulder and giving them a chocolate bar. Probably the happiest that persons been that entire day. Hypothetically speaking. So yeah, you're pretty much perfect, so far as I can see.

Well... first thing I noticed about you were your eyes. Especially in comparison to your hair, the two just contrast each other very nicely. You also have flawless skin, and are extremely fit. And you consistently smell very nice. So there's physical beauty. Then past that, you have a wonderful sense of humor, and like I've said before, you laugh at my jokes and make me things and write me letters and all around make me feel appreciated. So then there's 'emotional' beauty, if you will. Then there's the fact that you're a great friend to people, and I find that to be a very attractive quality in you. You're also driven, motivated, studious, personable, and you know how to have a good time. You're pretty much awesome, and that's what drew me to you.

I guess I'll say goodnight then. So goodnight to one of the most intriguing people I know of. Seriously, the effect you have over my emotions is astounding. Earlier when you said you had something you wanted to talk about, I couldn't focus on the amazing game which I was playing, or anything other than just waiting for you to respond. Kinda scared me a bit, I won't lie, but that's okay. I'm glad you addressed it, and you can be sure that if I have any concerns regarding you (which I doubt I will because you're perfect) I'll bring them directly to you. Just makes life easier. I'm actually very excited for tomorrow, and possibly the day after that at Chipotle should you choose to accompany me, and possibly the weekend, idk it's all up to you. I honestly can't get enough of you, which may seem a bit annoying to you, I'm sorry. But it is true, you intrigue me. I love spending my time with you. I love talking to you, and laughing with you, and smiling with you, and fantasizing about cars with you, and sharing basically everything there is to my being with you. I do hope my little speech Earlier convinced you of the fact that i would never cheat on you, or intentionally do anything at all to hurt you. You just mean too much to me for that to happen. And the fact that I've been talking to you for maybe 2 months and I already have obtained this level of affection for you astounds me. You astound me. You're amazing. Okay goodnight beautiful

So you've made senior very bearable so far, and I can't thank you enough for that. Your pleasant air seems to rub off on those that you're around (like me) and changes life for the better. You're the kind of person that can just brighten my day by smiling at something I say, and this is an invaluable trait. I'll be honest, when you said you had to go home today I was a bit bummed because I wanted to spend some more time with you, but i guess that just makes the next time I see you a bit more special. I also feel I need to throw this is here, you're just the right amount of everything. The faces and imitations of me are the just the right amount of weird yet funny, your singing voice is just the right pitch, your intellectual conversations are in depth but not out of proportion, you stay up late but not too late, you're a realist yet an optimist at the same time, you're responsible yet know how to have a good time... the list goes on. You're just goddamn perfect, and I'm very lucky to have you as my girlfriend. I can call you mine, and that's a wonderful thing I think. So thank you for enabling me to say that. And now I'm drifting off to sleep, but you'll be in my mind as a I close my eyes, and so I know I'll wake up with a smile. Goodnight iridescent

You're just my ideal person, and I think that's why it seems like I've known you for longer. Because I've thought about my ideal person for so long, and then you came along

So I think you went to sleep and frankly I don't blame you, you were very... active tonight ;) But that aside, I value how easy it is to have a great time with you. I had a meal and "watched" a movie with you and I think its among the most fun nights I've had with you. I love having a casual dinner conversation with you and then having you willingly meet my family, and then lying down next to you for hours, your body keeping me warm. I'm also grateful that you are so easy to talk to. I don't have to cautiously broach any subject, I can just say what I'm thinking and you get it. You get me. And this is why I think you're perfect. Not just perfect physically and mentally (which you are, absolutely) but you're perfect for ME. I used to have this trifecta to determine a perfect girl: attractive, successful/motivated, and good company. I can confidently say that you meet all three of things. But then in the past month I've realized just how indescript this trifecta is. You're the perfect girl because of the little things. Because of the appreciation you show towards me. Because you miss me, and because you actively try to spend time with me. Because you when I hold you, you hold me back. When I kiss you, you fervently kiss me back. You're an amazing person and an amazing girlfriend, and I can honestly never thank Anita enough for introducing us. So as it is now officially thankgiving, I would like to give thanks to you, for being a part of my life, albeit for only a couple months so far. They've been an amazing couple of months, and I can only hope for many more. Goodnight Caitlin, sweet dreams, and I hope to see you very soon

Well exhibit A right here, you took most of those words right out of my mouth. You know what I'm thinking all the time and that's kinda cool. We're on the same n ("nu" - another chemistry joke). It's been 2 months since I've known you, and I have yet to find a single fault in you. People will tell their significant others all the time that they are perfect in every way, yet they still have one or two flaws that go unaddressed. With you, you literally have no flaws about you, and I can say that with complete confidence. You're interesting, you're sexy (in our definition of the word), you're corny just enough of the time, you're personable, you're fun (an important one that not many people seem to be anymore), and what amazes me most: you're mine. Not in a possessive way, but in a way that amazes me. You're my girlfriend. And if I were to try and verbalize my feelings for you right now, I would say that the prospect of not being able to envelope you in my arms for a day is bothering me immensely. And I know that work isn't going to make my time spent with you any less. I couldn't let that happen, it would pain me too much. You just mean so goddamn much to me I can hardly put it into words. The best I can come up with is: I love you. I think that's the best summation of my feelings towards you. I love every single little detail about you. I love staring into your beautiful eyes, I love kissing your neck, I love the face you make when you're turned on ;) , I love putting my arm under your neck and rolling your body closer to mine, I love that you feel able to share anything with me and that I'm able to share anything with you. I love the vein on your forehead (even though no one else can see it) because that means you're smiling. I love your smile, and I love your laugh. Especially when you smile or laugh because of me. And it's because I love all of these things about you that I love you. After a mere three weeks of dating you. You truly are an amazing person.

I just love you. And I'm not just throwing those words around, I really, honestly love you alot. You're so perfect, in mind and in body, that I can't resist you. You're the perfect balance of everything: intelligence, sexiness, excellence, companionship, and hundreds of others, and you really just know how to get me going (and not in solely a sexual sense, though that's definitely there are well). You just make me feel so happy, and I look forward to doing things with you, to eat meals with you, to go to performances with you, to watch soccer games with you, to watch movies with you, and to "watch movies" with you and everything else that we've done. I wouldn't change a single thing about the past month at all, and I hope that over the last 4 weeks I've made you even a fraction as happy as you have made me. I love you Caitlin, I love you so much

You've just had such a profound impact on my life on the short time you've been a part of it, it amazes me. You amaze me. It's interesting to think about the fact that if I hadn't transferred into that bitch Mr Schuh 's class, I wouldn't have had Calc 3/4 and we wouldn't have hit it off like we did. It's scary to think about the path not traveled. I'm just so glad that I have an amazing, supportive girlfriend who loves me almost as much as I love her and who completes and counterbalances my personality perfectly. I don't know if I told you this (I probably did), but I'm in love with your sense of humor. Your sarcasm comes at just the right times and is just the right level of sarcastic (not dry and confusing, but also not dick - like and annoying). I kinda fell asleep typing this yesterday and now my phone is basically dead but I was gonna add many other things but I lost my train of thought and I love you and goodmorning now I suppose

I'd like to just take a moment and tell you how much I appreciate everything that you make me feel. You make me feel happy, you make me feel proud, you make me feel a little sore (physically, especially in my arms) and I value all of it. I value every second spent with you and I do my best to make the most of it. And you're right, I do love you. Crazy little you. But crazy in all the right ways. I love who you are and everything about you, but I also love myself when I'm with you. You make me a better person, more confident, more outgoing, and for that I thank you immensely. I love you in so many different ways and for so many different reasons it ridiculous. So thank you for spending time with me yesterday, it really meant alot and I hope you have a merry Christmas eve my love

Did you know I have the most perfect girlfriend ever? I mean, she's actually the definition and the essence of the word perfection. She always makes me feel so great about myself and who I am. Especially when I wake up to 17 new messages from her, it starts my day off right. She has the best sense of humor: the perfect mix of sarcasm and funny faces. She's the most caring, thoughtful individual I know, and the happiness of her friends is essential to her own. This is one of the things I admire most about her. She's everybody's friend. Everyone likes her (except for one certain soccer player, but he doesn't matter), but I like her just a little bit more than all those people. I love her. I love her smile, and her style (the only person I know that can rock green pants), her humor and her physique (don't even get me started on this one). I love her eyes and her hair and the reassurance I get when she places her hand on the nape of my neck. I love the fact that she misses me all the time, because I miss her more than she could imagine, everytime she goes away all I want is her to come back for one more hug and one more kiss. I can never get enough of her. And by her I mean you, you're my girlfriend whom I've fallen deeply in love with. You're the most amazing person I know and I love you. So good morning my love

You may love me equally but loving me more than I love you is pretty much impossible. I absolutely love every time you say that you miss me because I miss you too, all of those times. You saying it just accentuates how much you care about me. There's nothing that I love more than being appreciated. I love you for how much you love me and beyond that. I love you for everything you do for me, whether it be buying me coffee or surprising me with warheads or just coming to my house randomly. I love you for your taste in music, and your sense of style, whether it be not giving a fuck about wearing sweatpants (like I do sometimes) or when you dawn a beautiful dress. I love you for how caring you are to other people, friends or otherwise. I just absolutely adore each and every single aspect about you so much, and that's why it's very difficult to love me more than I love you.

And I'm very sorry that I couldn't see you more on our 2 month, but again, I enjoy every day with you. Every second of every minute of every hour of every day. With you, I feel complete, holistic, unadulterated happiness. For an excess of two months, pure happiness. And I know that I can be a little bit of a pain in the ass sometimes, but I can't thank you enough for dealing with me and my bad habits because without you, I would be a very sad individual. I'm not gonna be all dramatic and say that I could never live without you or any of that shit, because without you, yes I would keep breathing and my heart would continue beating, but those breaths would be woeful and the beats non-jubilant. I would just miss you to death if you were to leave and I hope that that doesn't happen. I just love you so much, you've become such a huge part of my life so damn quickly I'm awestruck. As I've previously stated, these have been the happiest two months that I have had in a very long time, and I have you to thank for that. For being there for me when I've needed someone to talk to, for keeping me company when I've needed it most, and for loving me just the way I am. Weird little me, who drives like an idiot and has too much flab. You're so perfect, you balance my imperfections. Perfectly. You're the most beautiful girl in the world Caitlin, and I love you immeasurably and immensely. Happy two months you iridescent girl

Alright well this is primarily my fault... I was talking to my grandma and slightly lost track of time. On the upside you're gonna be well rested and I get to see you again because I miss the shit out of you. I wanted to give you a hug after work today. BUT it's okay because it'll just make the next time more special. I also wanted to solidly apologize for mindlessly taking that shift without a second thought. I'm sometimes too quick to help out those that need me, and I don't really stop and think about more important things. Blessing and a curse I guess. I should've spent way more than that hour with you and I'm sorry that I didn't. I love you immensely. And I also want you to know that no matter what, you'll always be the best girl in magnet. Or ait. Or literally anywhere. Your balance of physical and mental beauty is absolutely perfect. I'm sorry for making you upset today, and I hope my attempts to better the situation worked somewhat. I love you to the moon and back and on forever you amazing, crazy, iridescent girl

You're just the most amazing person I could ever wish for. The way you treat me is perfect. You're not a bitch, but you don't hesitate to put me in my place if I do something wrong. You're just so thoughtful, writing letters to me and saying those little things to make me smile. Like saying "I miss you" all the time; it never gets old, it just reminds me that I'm on your mind. And there is absolutely no better feeling. I love you for the little things, the big things and the in between.

So I was consolidating all of your Valentines day presents today... I made sure your letter was in its place in my collection, I ate the entire bag of Warheads just now (my jaw is gonna be on fire tomorrow), I stashed all the candy away in my drawer, I tucked the bear into my bed, I set the frame up on my dresser, and that just left the 52 things I love about you deck of cards. Words cannot express how much I love this. From first glance, I can see the time and effort that you put into it, and that really shows how much I mean to you. Then I looked at all of the things that you said inside those cards, and took a little trip down memory lane. I remembered or first Doba date, our first "movie" (which wasn't so much in quotes, we actually watched toy story), our first road trip (to the soccer game at Kean), playing music in the car on the way, eating dinner with you at the Thai restaurant, all of the subsequent soccer games where it was so cold I couldn't feel my dick, Michelle's house after that numbing Roselle park football game, Nov 9th, coffee house, picking you up from the hospital and seeing you cry for the first time, surprising you at semi, New York and the tree, going to Shake Shack just because, seeing how stunningly beautiful you were at Project Hope, and it has all helped me to realize just how much I've fallen in love with you in the past 5 months. We've done so many cool things together in that time, and there is absolutely nobody else with whom I would've rather shared the experiences. You're the perfect companion for every journey I have taken, or ever will take. I love you with all of my heart Caitlin, thank you for the most amazing time of my life

I swear I'm at my most productive on Monday morning at 1 am. Every. Single. Time. Oh well. I just got half my bio shit done and filled out both of our prom request forms and packed a little surprise for you and I'm excited to sleep even though I'm not tired. This might be because I had a coffee at like 4 but oh well. I love you. Alot. It still bugs me how I ended last night and it wasn't right of me and I really don't like myself for it. I don't like myself for getting mad at myself. Lol. There's an internal war going on inside me. No there isn't actually, there's just alot of caffeine :D But anyways, let's get on to the thing you did today that made me happy. I think the message that you sent to me at 12:27 this (yesterday?) afternoon would do it for me. It made me happy as a motherfucker to know that you're always there for me and that you'll love me no matter what happens. I treasure that. I treasure you. Treasure, that is what you are. You're my shining star. And we can make our dreams come true. If you let me treasure youuuuuuuuu. I don't actually know who wrote that song, I think it's bruno Mars but I could be wrong. YEAH, I COULD BE WRONG. Doesn't mean that I am. I actually just checked and I'm right. As always. Anyways, I'm gonna be for hours so I'm gonna bid you goodnight and I love you and this has basically just been me rambling on for like 5 minutes but I hope you enjoy it. Good morning my love

So once upon a time, there was a girl. This girl was you. Surprise. This girl met this guy. This guy was me. Surprise again. Coming into the senior year of high school, I would have never been able to fathom that such an amazing soul like yours would resonate with my own, and I would never have imagined the profound impact it would have on my life. Over the course of the past seven-ish months, I have come to the absurd realization that, from the bottom of my heart to the top, with every myofibril of my being, to the moons of Saturn and Neptune, to infinity and beyond, I love you. You and I share the type of connection that two sentient beings only ever dream of experiencing. You understand what I'm trying to say all the time, especially when I'm talking about my feelings. Feelings are hard to put into words, but you understand that. You understand everything about me. This is a reason that I fell for you.

I won't ever forget the moment in which I finally mustered up enough courage to tell you that. The second those three sacred words had left my mouth, I instantly knew there was no taking it back. But of course, why ever would I need to? I didn't pull a Ted Mosby and tell you I loved you on our first date. I waited until I was absolutely sure that's what I felt. And for you to get me to feel that way in under 3 months of knowing me is impressive in itself.

Its easy to get under my skin, to know who I am, where I have come from, and where I am going. I seldom hesitate to share those details with anyone who asks. However, you have gone deeper than the skin. You've entered my bones, my heart, and my soul. There is not a single aspect of who I am that you do not know, and I can say this with confidence. What's more, you accept me for who I am, unchanged. You accept my flaws, my shortcomings, and my weaknesses. You accept them and in turn give me motivation to rid myself of them. I work out for you. I work late so I'm able to spend a little extra on you. I still somewhat pay attention in calculus so that I can help you (if not only just a little bit). And I wouldn't have it any other way. I would never change a single aspect of you, of us, or of anything we've done together. Because after all, anything we've done together has been together, which means I've had you by my side. And any moment with the girl I love by my side is one that I treasure.

Caitlin, I'm madly in love with you. And this entire note has passed me by without me saying one key phrase: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!!!! You're finally (almost) free! I can't wait to celebrate with you, and I know you're going to have a truly amazing year. Despite all the changes and adjustments and whatever else the future has in store for us, one thing will always remain constant: the unwavering, undisputable fact that I love you.

But they don't exist. There's absolutely nothing in the world that would make me love you any less. If you went away for the rest of your life at this very instant, I would NOT stop loving you. I just would never forget the woman that I loved had gone away. Fortunately for me, you're not going away. You're staying right where you are. And consequently, I know that the woman whom I love with the entirety of my heart and soul will be right there. There is nothing you, or any force of nature, can do to make me stop loving you.

So there was this reddit thread that asked "Reddit, right now what is your favorite song?" And one of the responses was this song. And I naturally had to listen to it because it reminds me of you and your amazing McDonald's commercial. But listening to it, I realized it's astounding relevance in our relationship. The title "You make my dreams come true" begins it's automatically: YOU make my dreams come true. I've dreamed about having the perfect girl just knock at my door one day. A girl that understands me, a girl that loves me no matter how much I fuck up, no matter how bad I am at making plans, no matter how unmotivated I can be, one that will love me unconditionally. And instead of knocking, you just one day showed up outside my house. Next, "What I've got's full stock of thoughts and dreams that scatter. You pull them all together. And how, I can't explain" You drag me out of my biggest funks sometimes. You remind me how I do somewhat have my life together, how I really am a good, motivated, intelligent person. I always have your constant reminder, you pull me all together. Next, " 'Cause I ain't the way you found me. And I'll never be the same" I am certainly not the same person that I was 5 months ago. I've grown stronger because at my side I have someone who supports me in all the actions I take. Without you, it is safe to say that I would not be nearly as happy at this point as I am now. You have changed me in ways that I could never thank you enough for. And in conclusion, why do I love you? "Well 'cause you, You make my dreams come true."

That's a great way to put it I think. I definitely felt more attached (in a good way, not a clingy way) to you at 8:00 this morning than I ever have in our entire relationship. I loved it so much. The feeling of waking up and being able to cuddle with you and put my arm under your head was amazing. Just amazing. I hope to do be able to do that many many many more times as we go on, and there's absolutely nobody I would rather wake up to have next to me. I love you so fucking unbelievably much, it astounds even me

You've made me realize what true happiness really is. It's having someone to talk to when you're having a bad day. It's having someone you can call after work just to say hi. It's knowing that if and when you fuck up, you've got someone who won't judge you (too hard :P) and will he there to catch you when you fall. It's having someone who can make you feel like a hundred million bucks when you think you're only a few thousand. It's having someone like you by your side. I never want you to leave my side, because you are the happiness in my life

So our pictures from the photo booth at prom are still lying on my desk and I can't stop looking at them and thinking about how happy you make me. In the first picture, I look all suave and shit while holding your hand. I think this encases the beauty aspect of us. Having you by my side completes me as a person, as I would merely be holding onto the air if you werent there (and thatd be pretty lame). The next picture has me leaning over and kissing you on your cheek. I do this because I want you to feel like a cherished princess. Because, Caitlin, you are a princess. And I'm honored to call myself your prince. In the final picture, I'm holding you in my arms and I'm smiling. You are possibly the only person in the world that can make me smile the way I do when Im around you. My smile (with teeth) comes only on rare occasion when there is truly something to smile about. You give me a reason to smile every single day. Every good morning text, every time your hand brushes mine, every time you talk like a cute lil baby, every hello hug and good bye kiss, every coffee, every ice cream, every stuffed animal, every warhead, every movie, every lemonade, every road trip picture, every time I lock eyes with you and we share a mutual understanding, every song, every shopping trip, every meal, everyTHING shared with you gives me yet another reason to smile. I smile everyday knowing its a day I'll be able to call myself yours, and call you mine. I just love you so much and I want to convey that to you. In the words of someone wise, you "check all my boxes," you're my perfect match, and I never, ever want to lose you. I love you Caitlin, I truly do.

So I was reading through those messages that I managed to send to myself last night, and I received inspiration from the first post on the note: the secrets message. I rather like the structure of that one, so imma try that again, except radically different because this is 7 months later.

Secret 1: Oh I forgot, there are no secrets, yet again. This is invaluable with you and I love it and please let us never change this aspect of our relationship

Truth 2: In the passing of time since writing this first message, I have fallen hopelessly, head over heels in love with you. Truths 8 and 9 (ref. original message) can be summed up in three concise words, consisting of 8 simple letters: I love you.

Truth 3: I'm scared shitless in the most wonderful of ways for college

Truth 4: There is no one in the world I would rather be scared with. Your determination to make us work (the visit schedule especially) truly highlights how much you care for me and how willing you are to make this work

Truth 5: Truth 4 inspires so much hope in me, its ridiculous. I love that you love me, its such a wonderful feeling.

Truth 6: 7 months ago, as I lay in bed writing that original secrets message, I had no idea that I would be laying here, exact same position, writing out the same thing, except with so much more heart in it. Not to say that I didn't pour my heart and soul out to you beforehand; by "heart" I mean love and trust and lust and fright and happiness and hope and all those other crazy emotions that are a result of be ing your boyfriend.

Truth 7: You're the greatest woman to ever have walked into my life, and I can't stop telling you that

Truth 8: Today, one the kids at the grad party I went to (in Bridgewater) shared a successful long distance relationship story during his first year at college (CT and NC) and this inspired hope in me as well

Truth 9: I actually enjoy being dressed by you, believe it or not. Your taste in my clothes is better than my taste in my clothes. I'm gonna text your mom tomorrow to say thanks.

Truth 10: I just popped the zit on my forehead and now its bleeding. Oops.

Truth 11: When you call me bubbs it makes me sound like a fat person. But I couldn't give a fuck because you sound so damn adorable when you say it, I never want you to stop

Truth 12: Speaking of never stopping, while I do thoroughly enjoy having the sex with you, I, too, would like to have days where we just lay down and make out a little like randy little teenagers, so if you're ever in the mood for that, just ask. I'll do the same.

Truth 13: I want to stow you away in my suitcase when I go to Florida, and I think you should do the same.

Truth 14: I sooooooo tired bubbs

Truth 15: I lied up in Truth 6, even though I said it was a truth... I'm not laying down, I've been typing this on my computer. Everything else was true though, I is promises.

Truth 16: I can't put any emojis in on my CPU to say goodnight with, so I'm just gonna say goodnight. Goodnight my love, sweet dreams, I hope you have the best of times at Wicked tomorrow, say hi to Grammy Mahoney for me (unless its on your mom's side, then say hello to Grammy [insert mother's maiden name here] for me).

Truth 17: I love you.

Bubbsybouglum, I actually listened to your voicemail just now (the one from earlier) and I loved it so much. You never miss an opportunity to express your affection for me, and I want to be the same way with you. I want you to know that I love you infinitely, to no end. You're the first pick in the draft, the best pea in the pod, the most loving, caring girl(friend) that I have ever known. I swear to always make you feel this way. Even when we have our differences or disputes, at the end of the day I will make sure you know that you're the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you with my entire heart and soul, with every fiber of my being. With every intimate moment we share, every coffee we get, every condom we use, every restaurant we visit, we get just that much closer to one another. We're two attractive entities: I'm the Milky Way and you're Andromeda, and we're getting closer to each other at a speed of 56000 miles per second. And maybe in 10 billion years, we may get too close and destroy each other, but that's 10 billion long years away. Here's to a better tomorrow, and to a future filled with laughter and prosperity. And you, my angel

So it's 1:50 in the morning and I can't sleep. And I was thinking earlier about stuff and I got all sad and shit about college and whatnot, you know the usual shit. But then I thought about how great you are. How awesome it feels to hold you in my arms and smell your hair and touch your soft skin. And I realized that in college, the moments in which I get to do this will be few and far wide. But that's okay. Because every time I look at your bracelet, or unlock my phone, or see on my watch a snapchat from Shrooms, I remember exactly how it is to be with you once more. I can once again sense your aroma, feel your fingers interlock with mine, and image your lips parting softly as they meet my own. You, whether you intended to or not, have left a everlasting impression on me Caitlin. You've forever changed my life in a way in which I could never forget. And so it's my belief that your little grad gift has more than served it's purpose, because even though you're some 900 miles away right now, you're still lying in bed next to me quietly soothing me to sleep. For this I could never truly express my full gratitude. I love you Catlin, so much