Remember When?

You probably think you remember our relationship better than I do. BUT you would sadly mistaken. Probably. Below, if I can actually get it to work, is a timeline of all the wonderful things I've done with you, the most beautiful girl in the world.

  1. Caitlin Mahoney is Born

  2. And 4 months later, I was also born

  3. You and Anita show up outside my house and I'm not there. Then the power goes out at Six Flags.

  4. "So I was told you need help with 105"

  5. "So I Supposeeeee I could give you my number so that you can help me since I'm dumb and need help (but not as dumb as ^^ [Orian]"

  6. I formally met your parents for the first time and we went Mini Golfing and to Qdoba and many fun was had

  7. Throw some Kean soccer games and an RP football game (in which we both froze our asses off) in here, my memory isnt keen anough to remember exact dates on these things (except the RP game, which was Nov. 7th ; yours is, that's why I consulted you for a few of these things.

  8. Hmmmmm I wonder what happened today...

  9. "There's something I wanna say, but I don't know if I should say it"

  10. I surprise you at semi :D

  11. We voyaged into the city (and met Hector LOL) and enjoyed each other's company for a little post-Christmas celebration at the MOMA (I think) and the Rockefeller Center tree.

  12. We got drunk together for the first time, this was fun.

  13. We go roadtrippin to Shake Shack in Paramus and have yet another quality road trip (I'm pretty sure this is the right date, I could be quite wrong, but at the same time I can't be wrong because I'm always right.

  14. We tear shit up as two Glamourous motherfuckers at Project Hope

  15. Hey look! You're going to prom :D

  16. Oh hey, I guess I am too (my promposal was tastier though)

  17. Fast forward a lil bit to when we actually go to prom. First one was more fun, I'll admit

  18. We have the amazing idea to actually go out and buy a pool. This will go down as the best MDW of my short little life.

  19. And then onto the Prom take 2. Not better than the former, but still a great time with you

  20. The most fun weekend of my enitre life, and I wouldn't have chosen anyone else to spend it with

  21. And the perfect ending to the perfect senior year